Translations Over/Under

We recently participated in a show at the Verge Gallery in Sydney, called Translations, in which artists from two different parts of the world were asked to write a set of instructions for a work to be constructed by their counterparts in the other side of the world. The main premise of the show was to create a collaborative effort between the two galleries with the same name, one in Sydney and the other one in Sacramento, California, USA. We created a screen-based work from one of the instructions, in which we used software to perform a realignment/reconstructions of images.

The work attempts to look at some of the ideas around clothing, which entails other factors such as the place of manufacture, the mode of transport, etc. The images representing these factors and concepts were then sliced and the software displays slices in random order which sometimes results in the image being put back together. The randomness of the reconstruction creates unexpected compositions from coincidentality in the process. Over the images, words representing names of colours that are used to market many products, including paint, cosmetics and clothing.

translations1 translations2 translations3 translations4