Jelly Wrestle (Dark Clouds Blooming)

Jelly Wrestle (Dark Clouds Blooming) was one of two collaborative pieces installed on Thirroul beach, as part of On the Shore sculpture exhibition held during Thirroul Seaside Arts Festival in April 2012. The other piece that we installed was Chairs of Jakarta (Life Support) which was selected as the winner of the Sustainability Award 2012.

The piece was conceived in response to the discussion in the global mass media about the link between the perceived rise in the population of jelly fish worldwide and climate change. The rise in the jellyfish populations have been linked to many things, from directly to the rise in sea temperatures to over-fishing of the world’s major fisheries. The sculpture series seeks to raise the questions about what the rising population means.

We would also like to acknowledge our sponsor, without whom this work would not have been as beautiful in the dark.