Chairs of Jakarta (Life Support)

Chairs of Jakarta (Life Support) is a series of sculptures made using a combination of found materials and new materials to highlight our heavy dependence on nature as a support mechanism. It seeks to combine the raw and the manufactured, the wild and the civilised. Despite all the achievements that we have made in technological advancements our dependence on nature still features heavily in our daily lives. Furthermore, the chair, as one of the recognised symbols of civilised society, signifies hierarchy, social status and  their sometimes inachievable and fragile nature.

The works were installed on Thirroul beach, as part of On the Shore sculpture exhibition held during Thirroul Seaside Arts Festival, along with our other piece Jelly Wrestle (Dark Clouds Blooming). Chairs of Jakarta was selected as the winner of the Sustainability Award for 2012 for the use of recycled material.

We would also like to acknowledge our sponsor, without whose support this work would not have been as beautiful in the dark.