Sculpture in the Vineyards 2013

We are proud to have our sculpture The Ring included as part of the Sculpture in the Vineyards 2013 exhibition. It is a piece about fairy rings which we created using recycled materials, solar panels and lights. Some of the pieces have been coated in glow in the dark paint sothat some of the mushrooms would glow in the dark. The lights that are charged by the solar panels during daylight should add highlights to the piece in the darkness of the night.

In this work, we would like to recreate the mystery and the feeling of curiosity that one develops when encountering natural occurrences such as the fairy ring. There have been countless tales and folklores around this occurrence that associate them with the world of magic. Some warned against entering the ring as it would cause the loss of an eye or being taken to the underworld by the fairies. In many cases, the occurrence is said to have been caused by dancing fairies.

While many folklores paint fairy rings as dangerous places, we would like to encourage visitors to enter the ring and read our QR Encoded Haikus (QEH) using their smartphones.

Come over to Wollombi and find our sculpture in the Wollombi Village vineyard, not far from the local pub.


About a9project

A9 Project is one half Johannes Muljana, a media artist, educator and designer, and one half Pamela Lee Brenner, a sculptor, media artist, designer and educator. They both work together to create sculptural, media and interactive installations as well as electronic sculpture and wearable objects.