Our artwork on the Greenway in Leichhardt

Along with the works of some accomplished sculptors and installation artists, our work Bubble (A Fountain of Zero) was commissioned and displayed as part of the Art on the Greenway program of Leichhardt Council. The display of sculptures and installations was a part of the annual Leichhardt Open Studio Trail program in 2016. Our work was on display from Wednesday March 9th to March 20th this year.

We were delighted to participate in this opportunity to work with the Leichhardt Council on a such exciting project which displayed some artworks along the Greenway and added some visual excitement for local residents who regularly cycle and walk along the path. We look forward to further opportunities to work in a similar capacity.


About a9project

A9 Project is one half Johannes Muljana, a media artist, educator and designer, and one half Pamela Lee Brenner, a sculptor, media artist, designer and educator. They both work together to create sculptural, media and interactive installations as well as electronic sculpture and wearable objects.