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Unseen GC Summer 16-17

We are proud to be a part of the Unseen GC Summer 16-17 with our work Blown Away in which we created an animated 3D render of our physical sculpture which was displayed along with other Augmented Reality work at the Gold Coast art centre.

This work is based on  a sculptural work that has been flown and blown around Australia for the last 2 years. It is a visual analogy,  where the resemblance to a common flora genus of taraxacum spreading seeds far and wide via the wind reflects the spread of the ideas of resource recovery and sustainability.
The work aims to raise awareness about the amount of waste each of us generate, to making people aware of the environmental costs of that waste.  
The form is inspired by the natural world, although, ironically, we (humans) have, by our quest for comfort  & convenience, become a major factor in the disappearance of many species within it.

Nocturnal Arts in Wollongong in 2016

We were commissioned by the Wollongong City Council to install our artwork interactive projection artwork Unlocked Melody as part of their Nocturnal Arts program to provide ntertainment and engagement with the community and visitors to the arts precinct after dark. We set our projection up in a laneway, with a motion sensor so it would react to the presence of people walking through the laneway at night.

We projected in the laneway on three Saturday evenings between between 17 February and 5 March. It has been an exciting experience to be able to do projection work outdoors and engage with passers-by to explain the content and the ideas behind our work.

Unlocked Melody is based on a collection of a few million passwords that were gathered from material posted online by various security researchers after some very public privacy breaches of some very large web entities  that occurred a few years ago. We created an application that would detect people’s presence and then display a password picked at random, which is then used to generate colours and sound.

A couple of video clips of the projected piece

Both videos are from our install in Wollongong

Our work in (Un)seen Sculptures exhibition part of Sydney Art Month 2012

We are very happy to announce that our collaborative work has been featured in the group exhibition called Unseen Sculptures which is featured as part of Sydney Art Month. Our work, titled Washing Day (let them hang in the air) was inspired by the history of the site (Callan Park, Rozelle, NSW) and partly by the ideas surrounding laundry and the body (or its absence). You can read more about the work here.

If you would like to view the work, you need to have a device running IOS or Android, equipped with a camera, GPS and a digital compass, with Layar software installed. You can either visit the location yourself or you can join one of the tours organised from dLux Media Arts pop up space at the corner of Waterloo and Darling Sts in Rozelle, running every Saturday at 1pm until the end of March. Check it out!

Washing Day

Augmented Reality Sculptures: new opportunities

Augmented Reality has been a hot area of research in the last couple of years and it is an area that is beginning to draw a keen interest from artists. It is a relatively new interactive field, in which real world markers and virtual imageries can be combined to form new experiences for the user. One of the most popular software in this area is Layar Reality Browser, which is available on IOS and Android platforms. There are also other upcoming companies offering Augmented Reality experiences on their own software platforms, but so far, Layar is the most commonly used.

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