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Bubble in Killalea

In October 2016 we ventured out to Killalea, near Shellharbour on the south coast of NSW to install our sculpture as part of Sculptures at Killalea festival. The location was at a lovely park by the sea, with sun and winds to add to the experience. Our installation was done in almost record time without a hitch or any breakages.

Bubble was up for a total of approximately five days and it was among a lot of other sculptures installed all over the hills and grass areas. Thankfully our sculpture did not suffer any damages while installed here. What a great experience!

Unseen GC Summer 16-17

We are proud to be a part of the Unseen GC Summer 16-17 with our work Blown Away in which we created an animated 3D render of our physical sculpture which was displayed along with other Augmented Reality work at the Gold Coast art centre.

This work is based on  a sculptural work that has been flown and blown around Australia for the last 2 years. It is a visual analogy,  where the resemblance to a common flora genus of taraxacum spreading seeds far and wide via the wind reflects the spread of the ideas of resource recovery and sustainability.
The work aims to raise awareness about the amount of waste each of us generate, to making people aware of the environmental costs of that waste.  
The form is inspired by the natural world, although, ironically, we (humans) have, by our quest for comfort  & convenience, become a major factor in the disappearance of many species within it.

Nocturnal Arts in Wollongong in 2016

We were commissioned by the Wollongong City Council to install our artwork interactive projection artwork Unlocked Melody as part of their Nocturnal Arts program to provide ntertainment and engagement with the community and visitors to the arts precinct after dark. We set our projection up in a laneway, with a motion sensor so it would react to the presence of people walking through the laneway at night.

We projected in the laneway on three Saturday evenings between between 17 February and 5 March. It has been an exciting experience to be able to do projection work outdoors and engage with passers-by to explain the content and the ideas behind our work.

Unlocked Melody is based on a collection of a few million passwords that were gathered from material posted online by various security researchers after some very public privacy breaches of some very large web entities  that occurred a few years ago. We created an application that would detect people’s presence and then display a password picked at random, which is then used to generate colours and sound.

A couple of video clips of the projected piece

Both videos are from our install in Wollongong

At Sculpture by the Sea in Cottesloe 2016

We are very excited to have been participating in Sculpture by the Sea in Cottesloe, Western Australia. Our work Bubble (A Fountain of Zero) was displayed along with works by other sculptors and installation artists, as well as works by international artists. We had a very demanding schedule in order to prepare our work to be transported interstate, by air, and then to install it on the sand of Cottesloe beach to be displayed from March 4th until March 20th.

It was a great display of sculptures on the beach and surrounding areas and it was certainly a great showcase for our sculpture to be a part of such a high profile event interstate. It was exciting to have our sculpture viewed, “oo-ed” and photographed by the very many local, interstate and international visitors during the event. Another joy of travelling to WA to participate was meeting and getting to know the other artists, seeing a small part of the surrounding areas and participating in the education programme workshops for school kids. Some schools travelled for several hours to view the sculptures and participate in the workshops, taking back their own works of art.

We are looking forward to participate in other sculpture events such as this, in the near future.

Our artwork on the Greenway in Leichhardt

Along with the works of some accomplished sculptors and installation artists, our work Bubble (A Fountain of Zero) was commissioned and displayed as part of the Art on the Greenway program of Leichhardt Council. The display of sculptures and installations was a part of the annual Leichhardt Open Studio Trail program in 2016. Our work was on display from Wednesday March 9th to March 20th this year.

We were delighted to participate in this opportunity to work with the Leichhardt Council on a such exciting project which displayed some artworks along the Greenway and added some visual excitement for local residents who regularly cycle and walk along the path. We look forward to further opportunities to work in a similar capacity.

Fanfair at Sculpture in the Vineyards 2015

This year our new kinetic work FanfAir, made from recycled fan blades, aluminium and wood is spinning in town. Located just outside Wollombi Village Wines cellar door, it is visible from the road, the pub and playground/facilities.

Sculpture in the Vineyards opens on Halloween, Sat 31st October and runs for one month. Well worth a trip up, plus you can enjoy visits to the local vineyards.

Here is a video of the work in action


FanfAir view from the ground FanfAIr SpinningFanfAir Close looking UpwardsFanfAir Silhouette at DuskFanfAir

Sculpture in the Vineyards 2014

Our work Fountain of Zero has been installed in the Sculpture in the Vineyards exhibition of 2014. It is a work about the environment and reuse of materials as well as a work about creating something unique and distinctive that will sit well in the environment it is installed within.

This work has been in the making for a few months now and the installation is a culmination of a lot of engineering, design and craftsmanship (can we say craft person?). After the original idea was conceived the work slowly took shape through imagination and creative engineering, as well as sheer determination.

A major part of the work is the top half of soft drink (soda) bottles which we had to cut and shape to fit our needs. To do this, we had to collect over 150 bottles through consuming large quantities of soft drink and mineral water as well as through raiding recycle bins in our neighbourhood.

The exhibition will be officially opened on 25 October 2014 and will continue for around a month. Come and see our work as well as the other wonderful sculptures and installations dotting the vineyards around Wollombi, NSW. Our work is installed at the Undercliff Winery, 152 Yango Creek Road,  in Wollombi.


Wollombi Visit to the opening of Sculpture in the Vineyards

Chairs of Jakarta installed at Noyce Brothers cellar door, in Wollombi, NSW

Last night, along with a couple of hundred other people, we made our way to the historic township of Wollombi to witness the opening of the 10th Sculpture in the Vineyards exhibition. It was a well-attended event with a notable performance by the Ngurra bu aboriginal culture group which engaged the visitors with the traditional dance of the local people. Continue reading

Our sculptures are now installed in the Vineyards!

After many days of hard work and hardly any phone reception, we have finally finished installing our sculptures for the Sculpture in the Vineyards 2012. For this event, we have installed two pieces, our Chairs of Jakarta and Let’s Face the Music and Dance. They have been installed at the Noyce Brothers cellar door in Wollombi and at Stonehurst Cedar Creek. Continue reading