Bubble in Killalea

In October 2016 we ventured out to Killalea, near Shellharbour on the south coast of NSW to install our sculpture as part of Sculptures at Killalea festival. The location was at a lovely park by the sea, with sun and winds to add to the experience. Our installation was done in almost record time without a hitch or any breakages.

Bubble was up for a total of approximately five days and it was among a lot of other sculptures installed all over the hills and grass areas. Thankfully our sculpture did not suffer any damages while installed here. What a great experience!


About a9project

A9 Project is one half Johannes Muljana, a media artist, educator and designer, and one half Pamela Lee Brenner, a sculptor, media artist, designer and educator. They both work together to create sculptural, media and interactive installations as well as electronic sculpture and wearable objects.